Shouting at Cows
Movie Review: Jurassic World
There  are spoilers below. Do whatever. Let's start off on a cheerful note - there's a theory that if you're feeling suicidal, before you finish yourself off, watch Jurassic Park one last time. Everyone loves Jurassic Park. Literally everyone.   Jurassic World is strange.  Obviously, as a sequel to a much-beloved film, it disappoints entirely.  There's the standard feeling of despair at having something dear to you dredged up and played around with, but with Jurassic World it's a bit weirder than that.  It's like the themes of the film (corporate greed, bringing back Jurassic Park when they probably shouldn't, crowds of disappointed punters, a triumph of marketing over substance, the needless creation of a hybrid dinosaur) apply just as much to the concept ...
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Game of Thrones and Internet Spoilers
There are spoilers for Game of Thrones in this article. Sorry about that. I like to watch television without really knowing what's going to happen. I hate spoilers; I hate people saying "Ooh, tonight's episode will be good" or "There's something shocking happening later". I hate oblique references that are clearly saying, smarmily, "Look what I know and can hold over ...
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Stop Doing Poppies Wrong

Last weekend was Remembrance Sunday, a sombre day where you can - if you choose - honour those who have fought and died during conflict.  That's the theory, anyway.  The reality is disappointingly rubbish.

We've all seen the British Legion poppies.  It shouldn't be difficult: If you want to buy a poppy, buy a poppy.  If you want to wear ...
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The Daily Star Chat to Zombie Princess Diana
Princess Diana, yesterday

Last week, The Daily Star chose to use their front cover to proclaim "Di ghost tells ...

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The Apprentice 2013: Episodes 1 & 2
That's right, gluttons for punishment, The Apprentice is back and with an even more reprehensible bunch of social miscreants than ...
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Movie Review: The Bounty Hunter
The Bounty Hunter (2010) Dir. Andy Tennant This shitstorm of a film is about a bounty hunter (Gerard Butler), out to ...
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My Great TV Ideas 2: Pope Idol
This Great TV Idea was brought to you from the face of James Brigden My Great TV Idea 2: Pope Idol My ...
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