Shouting at Cows
Game of Thrones and Internet Spoilers
There are spoilers for Game of Thrones in this article. Sorry about that. I like to watch television without really knowing what's going to happen. I hate spoilers; I hate people saying "Ooh, tonight's episode will be good" or "There's something shocking happening later". I hate oblique references that are clearly saying, smarmily, "Look what I know and can hold over you". I hate that it's okay for the Mail or Guardian or whoever to plaster their pages with spoilers, and worse, that fucking idiots will bang on and on about them doing it, so by proxy, you're aware that something newsworthy happens in the episode. Basically, the internet has added a zero hour deadline to spoilers, so that as soon as ...
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Stop Doing Poppies Wrong

Last weekend was Remembrance Sunday, a sombre day where you can - if you choose - honour those who have fought and died during conflict.  That's the theory, anyway.  The reality is disappointingly rubbish.

We've all seen the British Legion poppies.  It shouldn't be difficult: If you want to buy a poppy, buy a poppy.  If you want to wear ...
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The Daily Star Chat to Zombie Princess Diana
Princess Diana, yesterday

Last week, The Daily Star chose to use their front cover to proclaim "Di ghost tells Kate: You're too thin!"

Let's get the biggest complaint out of the way first:  This didn't happen.  This obviously didn't happen.  Even if I'd read that headline in my mid-90s, X-Files obsessed, Fortean Times reading, conspiracy phase, I'd have struggled to ...
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The Apprentice 2013: Episodes 1 & 2
That's right, gluttons for punishment, The Apprentice is back and with an even more reprehensible bunch of social miscreants than ...
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Movie Review: The Bounty Hunter
The Bounty Hunter (2010) Dir. Andy Tennant This shitstorm of a film is about a bounty hunter (Gerard Butler), out to ...
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My Great TV Ideas 2: Pope Idol
This Great TV Idea was brought to you from the face of James Brigden My Great TV Idea 2: Pope Idol My ...
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Danny Dyer’s YouTube Highlights
'triffic. I should probably start this by saying that you’re not going to get another clichéd rant about Danny Dyer. ...
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