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TV Review: Life Stripped Bare
Life Stripped Bare (Channel 4, July 5th) is described as a “social experiment”. In much the same way that those internet pranksters throw buckets of piss over strangers to “test their reactions”, Life Stripped Bare is a pretty weak premise; like the piss-pranks, it's just an excuse to watch other people feeling uncomfortable. But as a testament to the old-fashioned nature of telly, rather than editing it down to a three-minute YouTube clip for illustrative purposes, this is stretched out for a soul-crushing, dull hour. The premise is fairly simple: People have loads of stuff - maybe life would be better without so much stuff. It begins with three households (Heidi from London; Tom, Andrea, and Georgia from Cardiff; Jon and Laura ...
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Furniture Review: Ikea Solsta Sofa Bed
Let’s open this review by admitting that we fucked up.  After moving into our first home and being as poor as shit, we needed a trip to Ikea to buy basically terrible furniture that would last until we could replace it with proper stuff.  It seemed like a good idea at the time, but it really, REALLY wasn’t. The worst thing ...
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Making friends is easy.  All you have to do is try to hide your insanity while talking about easy topics, then slowly unleash your real personality on them and hope they're not scared off.  We all do it.   But how do you break the ice, what should your opening gambit be?  Something safe.  Don't fly out with the truth about George ...
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Movie Review: Jurassic World
There  are spoilers below. Do whatever. Let's start off on a cheerful note - there's a theory that if you're feeling ...
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Game of Thrones and Internet Spoilers
There are spoilers for Game of Thrones in this article. Sorry about that. I like to watch television without really knowing ...
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Stop Doing Poppies Wrong

Last weekend was Remembrance Sunday, a sombre day where you can - if you choose - honour those who ...

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The Daily Star Chat to Zombie Princess Diana
Princess Diana, yesterday

Last week, The Daily Star chose to use their front cover to proclaim "Di ghost tells ...

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